Can I set the firewall to ask each time?

I maintain a number of computers for friends and family and used Zonealarm in the past until the debacle of July this year when all the computers could not get online and it drove me crazy for several hours until I found out it was Zonealarm which had an expired DLL. The cause was totally stupid on the part of ZA and the way they treated the issue in their forums was with total contempt for those of us who suffered the problem. Add to that the fact that the latest version of ZA has a nag pop-up harassing you all the time and you can understand why I removed ZA from all the machines under my care. No way I am putting up with such BS.

So I found Comodo 3.12 and installed it. So far so good. I like it. But with ZA I could set a program’s ability to access the internet to yes/no/ask and I cannot see that with Comodo I have the “ask me” option which I really like because with some programs I want to know when they are attempting to access the internet. In some cases I just like to have it like that at forst until I feel comfortable that the program is to be trusted and then I can gran permission without asking every time. Other times I want to be asked every time because my answer might be different each time.

Is it possible to do this with Comodo firewall? If it is not then I consider this a very serious drawback and would suggest that this feature be introduced.

Simply untick “Remember my answer” and you will be prompted each time.

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If you wish, you can set the firewall to Paranoid Mode in the firewall settings. Check the help file for what this mode does compared to the other modes.

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I think I found what I was looking for in Firewall - Network Security Policy - Application Rules. There I can set rules for each application, protocol, etc. and the options are “Allow” , “Block” and “Ask”.

I will have to play around a bit until I become more familiar with Comodo Firewall.