Can I set NO to 'Submit file to comodo for analysis' as default?

On some occasions, the defense+ pop-up message would have the choice ‘Submit the file to comodo for analysis’ ticked as default. As a rule, I’d prefer NOT to submit files for analysis. So I have to manually untick it. Sometimes, carelessness and tedium would mean that the option is left ticked when I close the message.

There used to be an option under the settings where I could disable submission by default.

With the newest version, I can’t find the option anymore.

I wonder if this could still be done.



You can disable this settings in “Sandbox Settings”.


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Since the sandbox feature is turned off by default on my system, I missed that setting.
I’ve just turned it off as advised. Hope it works.
Thanks very much!

Turns out that it doesn’t work!

When I launch a new .exe, the box to ‘Submit the file to comodo for analysis’ is still ticked by default.

Is there other solution for this?

can’t be turned off in red alerts. usually now on in yellow alerts, only if the file was spawned by one of the red alerts. But let me ask this, why do you want to turn it off? the more files comodo has the bigger the databased ( black and white) and the safer everyone is.

What concerns me is what is actually being sent over to comodo. The program itself hasn’t made it clear. Will the entire .exe be sent to comodo? How about the privacy issue?

yes just that file will be sent. But first it does a look up to see if it has already seen that file, if it has it will not upload it, if not it will upload it.

about privacy, why would you not trust comodo, plenty of companies trust comodo certificates to protect their businesses bank accounts and credit card information. So why would you not trust them with you computer? What could you have that they would want? They are not monitoring your surfing or anything like that, just files it has not seen to improve detection ratio and white listing.

Even if the world trusts Comodo, an option to turn it on/off as default is more comforting. The choice to submit or not to submit some file to Comodo should be entirely up to the user, and Comodo should not create an inconvenience for people who do not want to participate in it.

but by turning it off, especially in the sandbox you are losing the cloud computing part of CIS, it will not look it up and see if it is malicious before it gets to the signatures and soon you will lose cloud white listing so you will get more popups from the sandbox becasue it can’t look up if it is safe or not.

Languy, which is the time response of Comodo regarding to the submit files?
Seems that the user submit and it takes too long to the file get “recognized” (whitelisted) by CIS.
Besides the presumable “privacy” on not submitting files, there is people on low Internet connections that don’t want to submit them all the times.
The ability of configure is what I think it’s better.