Can I schedule a backup job with a network device as the source?

Hi all!
My English is poor, so I`ll describe my problem via screenshots.

Here they are (all clickable):

We have two jobs:

First job’s prefs:

Second job’s prefs almoust the same like first job’s prefs, they are differ only in source and destination:

Second job did not start via built-in scheduler:

Let’s make some changes:

And we’ll see that two jobs was started, after Comodo Backup restart, so they CAN be started in batch, one after one:

…but not via built-in scheduler.

Is there built-in scheduler bug?

How can I schedule more than one job with a network folder as the source?

To get from Comodo Backup what I want, I am compelled to:

It works, but it’s not right, because I can not manage Comodo Backup via GUI anymore :slight_smile: (Comodo Backup starts, “hangs” and do not responding wile executes jobs, then immediately kills itself by call taskkill command after last backup job. It manages only via system registry modifications.)

Hi R14

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Your backup should work if you change your backup type from “user backup” to “service backup”. Let us know if this helps.