Can I rename an exported configuration?

The subject pretty much says it all. Is it possible to rename an exported configuration? By “rename”, I don’t mean the file name. I mean the name that shows up under “Configurations”. I think by default, the names that show up are:

  1. Comodo - Internet Security
  2. Comodo - Proactive Security
  3. Comodo - Firewall Security

Can I add #4 with a name that I choose myself after importing it?


You can chose/change the name during import, after you have imported you can’t rename it unless you export/delete/import it again.

The name I get to change when I import the configuration is the name that shows up in the list of configurations, right?

The name of the import file will what ever the file was called before you exported it. At the point of importing the file you can choose to use another name, hence adding more configuration files.

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The most recent config I stored on disk was named “CIS My Proactive v 5.5 July 10.cfgx”. I imported it as CIS My Proactive Security; that is the name it shows up with in the Configuration Manager.

See attached image.

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Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear:

  1. Export an existing config, for example: Comodo - Internet Security
  2. Give the export file a name - abc.cfgx
  3. Import the file abc.cfgx
  4. The import process shows the file as Comodo - Internet Security, ignoring abc.cfgx
  5. If the file name is not changed at this point you will get a warning that the name exists
  6. Rename the file during the import process, to whatever you wish, to create an additional configuration.
  1. Save the renamed configuration.
    Then when you load it again, if necessary, it will have the desired name.

The only way I found to change name is by opening the cfgx file with a text editor (I use ultraedit) and then change the header


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16" standalone="no"?> ............


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16" standalone="no"?> .................

That’s quicker. :-TU

Nice finding. :-TU