Can I remove guard32.dll?

I want to use WTFast software but it seems I need to prevent guard32.dll from running to use it., Is this safe thing to do? I don’t use defence+ or antivirus only firewall.

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look at this link I recognized the dll and that you may not delete; it belongs to comodo firewall


I don’t like the advice in the provided link by Valentinchen Armagan. It advices to not only disables the autorun of the guardxx.dll but also to disable D+.

You can disable the auto start of the guardxx.dll. I would recommend to use Autoruns for this purpose. Download Autoruns and run it.

This program finds about all auto starts in Windows. This tool can therefore seriously damage Windows when not handled properly. After starting push Escape and go to Options and choose to hide Windows and Microsoft entries, to include empty locations and then push F5 to refresh.

Now look up the entry in the Appinit tab, untick and reboot. See attached image.

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I didn’t say anything of disabling d+. or? the link I gave was just info about the dll.


Sorry about that. It was the link provided by topic starter. Will edit my post accordingly. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

no problem :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice.

If I disable both guard32 and guard64 from loading will the Comodo Firewall work properly? Again, I don’t use Defence+ only Firewall.

I did a little test so i basically stopped Defence+ permanently and disabled the guard32.dll registry key with Autoruns like Eric suggested and restarted. I looked at the modules loaded for cmdagent and guard32.dll wasnt there (picture 1). On testing a couple of programs which connect to the net and dont have rules (in Custom) i got the expected firewall alert.

Re-enabled Defence+, reset the registry key and guard32.dll was in modules (picture 2).

This is just an observation, if you do wish to do as Eric suggested and disable the registry key that is up to you!


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In the past i stopped guard32.dll couple of times. The only thing which became different: some Defense+ alerts changed. Seemed like purpose of guard32.dll (at least one of its purposes) was to make alerts less numerous and more clear to user.

Interesting observation on this subject: