Can I recover the files after "wipe" ?

Our System operator in Company ran the Comodo System Cleaner in my PC with 10 iteration! I took about one and half day however it didn’t complete, So we tried to reset the system after resetting my Windows system didn’t come up and we installed new win. and after installation I found out that all files can be seen but they do not work. in anyway “wipe” delete overally the files now is there any possibility for recovering the files?

you rite, there is any solution for recovery wiped file? i’d tried to recovery data using GetDataBack FAT32/NTFS but nothing files recovered. is CSC junk files WIPER or DESTROYER important files?

From your description, I think that your system operator run Wiper module from COMODO System-Cleaner.
Unfortunately you cannot recover your data. The purpose of Wiper is just that - to permanenty delete your files so that they can never be recovered. It’s a privacy tool, not a disk cleaning tool.

Hello everybody,
I have made the same mistake. Now all my data is gone - forever? Unfortunally I need them for my work… >:(This is a big, very big problem…I’m ready to try ALL suggestions you will give me for a try to recover the data.

Now I’m hoping, you can give me little winks for the best data recovery tools - I’m not waiting for guarantees, only for a little piece of hope! ???

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the “unlucky wretch” with the best wish (in advance) from germany

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Google has bee one more time my best friend to find competent people in restoring lost data.

Like Comodo has developed the best firewall, another enterprise has developed a very good data recovery software. It’s called active@file recovery. :-TU At this time nothing is completely restored, but it took any hours to make a so called “super scan” (deep scan) and now I can see my lost files and folders as a result of this. :)The chance to restore them is also given, I will start the restoring-process, when a friend of mine comes along with another 1 TB hard drive. If anybody here is interested in the ongoing of data-recovery after unintentional wiping with CSC:

I will tell you, how the story goes on…
Perhaps it helps the threat starter and many other people with the same problem, to restore, what is “unfortunately unrecoverable” - no offense, but it’s no solution, to say, that there is no solution…or what do YOU mean?

Greets@ALL from the now not so
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Hopefully this option works, please keep us up to date with the issue!