Can I install v3 over v2.x?[RESOLVED]

Can I just install v3 over v2.x and keep all of my settings? Or do I have to uninstall the old version, install the new version, and redo all of my settings?

(I did search the forum[s] for an answer, but couldn’t find it)

No; the programs are incompatible and you will need to redo your settings. But in training mode, CFP3 will do most of the setup for you as you use your programs.

At last I’ve found the answer to my problem as well - dozens of hours for several days searching for it. Unless I’ve missed it, couldn’t Comodo could have stated in the v3 download pages or nearby that v2 had to be uninstalled first? All I saw repeated everywhere - including the v3 Users Guide - was “if you have a third party firewall” etc. When you don’t know something, the answer isn’t obvious or simple.

Anyway, having got that off my chest, may I ask some more questions about installing v3?

If I have read the posts right, some moderators say that uninstalling v2 and installing v3 should be done in Safe Mode, but others say use normal mode. Which is the correct (or best) method, please?

The patch (10MB!) shown on the download page - is that to update the base v3 to the latest version, or extra tech stuff for the expert users? I have downloaded it as well as the v3 in case it is the update, but if it isn’t I wouldn’t want to activate and wreck the installation. A correctly working Firewall is too crucial to take chances with.

I have used CPF for about a year now, and it’s amazing that such an excellent firewall is free - in any sane world it would cost at least $30!

Also, my thanks to all the mods for their information in the forums for guidance and when things go wrong. This last week or so reading through the posts has been an education!

Hoping to get a reply soon so I can install v3 and start learning all over again.


I use Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode for all my programs. Uninstall Comodo 2.4 using Revo but when Comodo says reboot, dont and click next on Revo and delete all registry and program entries then reboot. After rebooting use CCleaner registry cleaner and reboot. Download and install the full new version of Comodo.

The drivers for CPF3 will not install in Safe Mode you can uninstall.
The patch was used to upgrade one version some time ago.

Boy, was that fast replies or what! When I said “soon”, I was thinking within 2 or 3 days…This was 5 minutes!

Vettetech, I have downloaded Revo and will now install it. What a program! And FREE! With all the things it does, I wish I’d seen it before I paid for another app a few months ago…

Thank you very much to both of you.

Looking forward to playing with Revo and v3 now.


Welcome…I use it all the time. (R)

Just one thing, Vettetech: when using Revo, do you drill down the Reg items that it finds to the app-specific entries?
It seems too easy to remove far too much if one is not careful.

do you think future versions with allow to save settings?

It tells you which ones to select. Click the + sign next to each entry then put a check box in the files to remove. Its pretty easy. I have never had 1 problem.

Yes, that’s what I do. Just that for a novice, ticking the first (root) box would be too easy!

I wondered if you know anything about the VS Revo Group. This looks like a fine product, they have a great site, it’s free and receive a host of recommendations. Yet the authors seem totally anonymous, it’s not open source and there are no links to any revenue generators. Is this strange or am I paranoid?

Revo Uninstall is perfectly safe.Hell Comodo offers all free products.

Thanks for that, but that was not the main point I was trying to convey - Melih is not exactly a shrinking violet and COMODO do have other irons in the fire (:SHY)

When I went here:

I was struck by the points I mentioned above.

I fail to see your point. Its a web site. Doesn’t bother me any.

OK, it just seemed unusual. I don’t recall being on another freeware site that didn’t have links to income generators, didn’t have a mission statement or something similar, didn’t have an ‘About Us’ with biogs of the authors…and this one looks better than most commercial sites.
Just seemed incongruous to me.

Just to say, I got a bit obsessive and after trawling umpteen search pages and drawing blanks on the authors I found this blog from just yesterday that had the same thought and says they are located in Bulgaria, but not much else.

Down in the comments there are two reports of a Trojan but that runs contrary to all the endorsements. FPs?

Will you stop already. Revo is a proven free uninstaller. if your so worried then don’t use it.

Vettetech is right. Revo Uninstaller is completely safe.