Can i install the Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware together with NOD32? [Resolved]

hi there i’m new here (:WAV) i hope i’m welcome here (V)
i have one question about the Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware

can i intall this together with NOD32? is there any conflict?


Greetings don67 and welcome to the forum.

I have been running NOD32 and BOClean for quite a while now and they work well together, no problems here.

Just for info when i setup boclean i did so in “safe mode”, and as i said no probs here?
Hope this helps
Novie :■■■■

BOClean is not an antivirus program such as Nod32, it will only scan files being executed for trojans, etc… So it should not have any issues with Nod32 :slight_smile:

thanks a lot for the advice guy’s (R) (V)

I have marked this topic as resolved.