Can i install other anti-malware together with CIS?

Hi mates, i’m planning to install other security like anti-malware with CIS can any one give me the best one for additional protections?

it’s best just to keep one real time scanner but you can install as many on-demand scanners as you want. Try malwarebytes, superantispyware and spywareblaster (for immunization). I have these on my systems and scan with them once a week.

I sujest you just use 1 real-time scanners. Use the rest for on-demand ;). What product where you planning to install next to it ?


how about threatfire ?

if you have Defense+ activated, you shouldn’t use threatfire, they both do the same thing.

hi can you give me the recomended and tested one without any problem or conflicts.

You’re talking about on-demand scanners right ?

Well here’s the setup I use :

Realtime :

  • CIS (AV disabled)
  • Avira antivir personal


  • Superantispyware
  • Comodo AV
  • A-squared (beware of the FP’s)

You might also want to try Malwarebytes antimalware :wink:


thanks for the reply mates :slight_smile:

If you want more additional protection you could try Sandboxie.

It creates an isolated operating environment, an isolated virtual environment that
allows controlled testing of untrusted programs and web surfing.

I know you asked about anti-malware , but I use Sandboxie for web surfing.

Like Comodo it is free (:LOV)

PS: you can not use McAfee SiteAdvisor with Sandboxie (Firefox browser will freeze) (:TNG)

Hello don67 .Hope i am not too late and you have made your decision, as it occured to me that the choice of browser is an important one without adding any more bloat and using up more ram, than is nessasary. Consider internet explorer 8 as it has smartscreen and blocked 90% of malware thrown at it in youtube tests. However Sandboxie browser will allow you to download allsorts and have no worry about getting infected as its like having a virtual machine, and some use it on its own without any other apps. I use Cis full suite 3 layers of protection and the best protecting browser, internet explorer 8 in tests along with Sandoxie on demand .This set up will keep ram usage to a minimum with maximum security and no conflicts which are always a factor.


+1 for Sandboxie. It’s by far the best security program I’ve ever used. Sorry Comodo!

Returnil would be another option for you.

Sandboxie is the best I’ve used too. :wink:

I’m using Comodo Firewall (Not install AV) and other AV (excluding Kaspersky.)
And everything works fine.

I m having windows xp sp3 final version, 845 motherboard, 1gb ram, 80 gb hard disk.
From above info u can have idea of my system, it might be relatively outdated than others.
I m using CIS 3.9 beta(CAV is installed) with Rising antivirus 2009, there is no conflict between them at all. my pc is working absolutely quick & fast so to answer ur question yes u can use other anti malwares along with CIS
I recommend it for the people who have 1gb ram and new pc 8) i

thanks for the additional info (:LOV)