Can i install comodo firewall remotely ?

I want to test on one of my office servers, but its alot easier for me to log in remotely and do the install rather than i take a plan to that office branch and doing the install in person…

Its a web server i am referring to by the way… running win2k3 32bit.

Yes with an “if”, no with a “but”.

Remote installs are not directly supported (this will hopefully be addressed shortly), but there was an earlier post about a workaround.

In a nutshell, it involved

  1. having a working installation of CFP
  2. extracting the config from the registry (ensure that this config has working inbound rules for RDC)
  3. RDC’ing to the remote PC
  4. starting the install
  5. NOT rebooting at the end of the install
  6. merging the extracted config onto the remote PC
  7. rebooting the remote PC so it reads the merged config

Not pretty but it works.

I’ll see if I can dig up the original post that detailed the workaround. I’m pretty sure the above “nutshell” list covered the core, but there may have been additional detail I’ve missed.

Besides, if something can be said in a nutshell, then it should probably be left there. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Found it!;msg68775#msg68775