Can I hide my IP address from a website (I wish to listen to...

I live in Panama, I connect to several web radio pages, one in particular is WABC. They have some type of copywrite law-s that forbid them from anyone outside the states listening in. SO, I need to know if there is a way to block/hide WABC from knowing that I am from outside the states, using Comodo.
In the past I did listen in and for some reason they found out, and viola I am blocked out.
Any help would be considered.

I’m not sure people on these forums are allowed to help you in avoiding the law. O_o

maybe no firewall can

You can hide it if you go through a proxy, but it is not 100%.
There is a program called Hide IP, but i have never tried any of them.
Use Google…

Hope this will get you started.

The answer is yes in principal but in practice it’s quite difficult.You should google ‘Tor’ that’ll explain all (:WIN)

If it’s internet radio you’re after why not just go to Shoutcast? there are many legal stations there from all over the world.

Try using (:NRD)