Can I drop prevx with having defense +?

Both are hips and I wouldn’t want to have two hips running, so would defense + be a good and easy to understand hips like prevx? I also hope Defense + has a black/white list to make things easier, thanks!


Hi, I think CPF 3 will have a black/whitelist in it’s final version, right now it’s only alpha. And I think you should have Defence+ instead of PrevX, as from what I’ve seen Defence+ seems to be better than PG Full Edition, plus you’ll get both firewall and HIPS with CPF 3.

So far I like Defense+ alot, but please fix minor bugs well bugs to me, when I throw a file into the trash can defense+ alerts and also going to my favorites folder in exploer defense+ pops up, I hope this gets fixed. (:WAV)

Given the level of protection provided by both of these applications, I would not personally try to run both of them at the same time. Either disable one or the other.

At this point, since v3 is still in Alpha, it is known to be “buggy.” It is supposed to be buggy; it’s still in testing. However, I agree with Ragwing - once it goes to the Final Release, I would personally stick with it over Prevx. It will provide a much higher level of control than Prevx, IMO.

As far as whitelist, yes, it will have a very large encrypted whitelist to reduce alerts. There will be no blacklist, as Comodo does feel that to be a viable way to identify and stop malware (you can read Melih’s diatribes on that in other areas of the forum). If I recall correctly, with Prevx the lists are community-based; with CFP they really are not. The community of users can submit applications to be tested and potentially included, but are not rating applications as “safe” or not.