Can I download CPF ???

Hi, I am using Avast antivirus, ZoneAlarm, XP Pro, since I have problems with compatibility of ZoneAlarm and Avast I have decided to download Comodo firewall, but I see that in system requirements for installing CPF is Windows XP SP2. I have Pentium 1, and it is already very slow so I gess that I will be not able to install Windows XP SP2, my question is can I install CPF on this computer with Windows XP pro, and is it going to work, or is any older version of CPF for Windows XP pro, or I will have to look for other firewall? Any advice will be appreciated, thank you. (M)

Yes, CPF works on Windows XP pro.

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Thank you Mike (S) :smiley:

Your welcome. Feel free to ask anything here on the forums. There are plenty of friendly and extremely helpful users (and Comodo employees) here more than willing to help.

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Hi snowhite, if you’re not up to lots of popups select to let CPF auto approve safe appls. Hope this helps.