Can I distribute Comodo free products?

I’m starting up a small business building PCs for home users.

Is it okay for me to install Comodo’s free software on machines that I sell?


I guess it’s okay as long as you don’t charge the costumers for Comodo’s products.
But better wait for an answer from Melih or some other Comodo Staff.


Just to clarify, I definately am not thinking of charging for it.
Just to provide it for free to clients.


I’m sure Melih will chime in here soon enough.


PS: Welcome to the forums! (:WAV)

sure, we would love you to…

thank you

That would help everybody out: The end-user would get security, for life
You would be better respected
Comodo would be better known

Hope your business is successfull


I thought it would be okay, but just wanted to make sure.