can i disable defense+ completely in ver.8x

the reason is i got a bsod boot with comodo ver.8x and avg free ver. 2015.0.5941

and i have to downgrade from ver.8x to ver.5.12 and disable(uncheck) defense+ in the install configuration.

in ver.8x/7x/6x i activate firewall security and disable hips/sandbox/viruscope,but they all cause bsod too !!

i also report it in avg!/feedtype=SINGLE_QUESTION_DETAIL&dc=Windows&criteria=ALLQUESTIONS&id=906b00000004qLSAAY

IMO, the best thing you could do is get rid of AVG Free.
Please note, as you seem quite unaware, having multiple AV on a system is never recommended as there is usually conflict resulting in unexplainable behavior

Hi Guys,

I do agree with John.

We also think to have a detection system on incompatible software during the installation of CIS with the next releases in order not to have these kind of problems. Right now we are working on it , will inform you about this.

Kind Regards

Hi Buket,
This sounds like a great idea that you guys are working on. :-TU


Please do a warning system and not a hard-block system for incompatible software, as a user I still want to be able to install incompatible software for whatever reasons however I would like alerts that there are incompatible software installed.

Hi Sanya,

Thank you for your recommendation, it will be taken into account.

Kind Regards

Thank you captainsticks :-TU :-TU