Can I delete bases.cav if Comodo Anti-Virus is not installed?

I’ve installed CIS for the firewall and noticed that it takes up about 234 MB of hard drive space on my system without the anti-virus installed. To me, this is incredibly excessive for a firewall. I’ve noticed that bases.cav takes up 84MB, times two since there is one in the repair folder. Is this file related to the anti-virus portion of CIS, which I’m not using, and thus safe to delete? If so, shouldn’t it not be installed in the first place if the AV portion is not installed?



Hi Kent and welcome to the forum.

To the best of my knowledge, bases.cav is there simply because the CIS installer offers you to change the installation in case you want to include CAV some day. Therefore it installs all files, although CAV is not activated in your running CIS application.

I can’t imagine that bases.cav would be unsafe to delete in your case!