Can I dasable CAVS? Help please

Hi all,

I am new to Comodo firewall and AV, having used Zonealarm Pro for many years. Anyway after deciding to switch due to rave protection reviews I have downloaded and installed the latest free version but I’m not an expert and finding it hard to understand as it appears to use slightly ambiguous terminology IMO. I would appreciate a few tips!

Firstly I can’t find a seperate area where the AV is located or labelled as such! All I can see is a ‘defense icon’ and sweep (no mention of AV) although I presume this is it. I am using Avast Pro and would prefer to stiick with that, so can I disable the CAVS or is it integrated?

Secondly, if it cannot be disabled what should I change in Avast to make it run as a AV on demand checker only to avoid problems with both running?

Any help would be appreciated.


CAVS 3 integrated in the CFP 3 firewall is an on-demand scanner only. It’s located in Defense + (Scan My Computer). CAVS is not full yet, but we are expecting a beta version soon. So you can keep your Avast! as your AV of choice (and it’s a good one) without any conflict with CAVS :slight_smile:


To directly answer your question, No you cannot disable CAVS.