can i close the cavs submit files funktion? ---new problem

i don’t want submit and upload my files to the comodo,but the notification comes out every time when the cavs detected a new can i turn off this add on?

for example,at the first time i using SKYPE 3.0 after the cavs be installed,the notification of “COMODO Application Control - CAVS Safelist File Submission” come out and says that i can submit the “skype.exe” (24.17 MB) file to Comodo Labs for analysis.i don’t want upload such a big file to comodo,but if i choose not,the next time when i open skype the notification comes again.
what can i do to turn off this service/addon/funktion/program without exiting the CAVS?


If you open CAVS go to settings, and then select HIPS application control. You will see an option to decheck ‘Enable automatic submission of these files not found safe’.


problem come again.
i did what you told,but every time i un-select the “enable automatic submission of these files not found safe” and click “apply”,then close the settings windows,but next time i open this settings window,this option was selected again,automatic.

Ok, sorry for the late reply. I’ve tried to replicate this, but have been unsuccesfull. It appears to be a bug. Can you report this in the post for bug reports and give some details of your system (OS, software, etc).