Can I change or disable the sound for "Behavior Blocker"?

Does anyone know? I’m having trouble finding a way to change it or turn it off. For some clarity I’m talking about the popup when I’m installing a new program and it asks me if I want to run isolated or run unlimited or block it entirely. I believe the window is called the behavior blocker. Any information that could help would be greatly appreciated! Looking forward to hearing back from you and thanks in advance!


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If you go into advanced settings you can turn sound off as shown :wink:

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You may remove or change ALL alert sounds, however I don’t think you can do it for specific modules.

To disable alert sounds, CIS > Advanced Settings > User Interface > untick “Play sound when an alert is shown”

To change it, you could navigate to “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\sounds” Or where you installed CIS and then replace alert.wav with another .wav file that you want.

how does one locate the settings menu? I can’t find it even. ha! im sorry, i swear im not a huge noob!

fund it. thank you very much for your help

No worries
any other questions just ask :slight_smile: