can i change a file's date? [resolved]

boo >_<
i took the picture (and some other pics) about 2 days ago for some documentary purpose (so kewl 8) ), but i forgot to check the camera date. so in the properties, it’s dated oct’1-2008 :-
is there any way to change the file’s date? :-La

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Cut and paste (This will Update the date to current date)


aahhh sneaky sneaky ;D
thx a lot!

wait! :o , the modified date still show the wrong date :-\

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Hi G

Try this–>Open the picture with windows picture and fax viewer/Copy to/give it a new name and hopefully it should be changed to that moment.It might work…


Your ‘Created Date’ did get updated. Just looks out of sync due to the ‘Modify date’.

Yep. :slight_smile:

Timestamp changer freeware :-La

kewl! (:KWL) guess i have to edit the pic one by one then. but that’s OK.

now we’re talking
i suppose to take the pics monthly . now i can just take about 12 pics each & change the timestamp

sneaky sneaky ;D

it’s a deal mr.devil,my soul for the timestamp cheater

locked,resolved. :-TU
thx all. group hug (:HUG)