Can I block?

I have about 8 of the same viruses every day. I have been deleting them daily, but now they appear within minutes of my deleting them. They are always the same. Like one of them is
doubleclick, media something or other, & more. Is there any way I can block them from my cpu? If you give me instructins how to do this, pls note, I’m am a merely ignorant inventor. Definitely not a tech. Pls instruct me in kindergarten words. Thx InventingJoy

btw, pls feel free to email me wi suggestions & instructions [email address removed] thx InventigJoy ??? ??? >:-D

i think that, your system might have already been infected. >:-D

  1. try to submit the sample virus to Comodo (if you are still confused, ask GeekBuddy for help). :slight_smile:
  2. or, try to use Comodo Cleaning Essential ( 8)
  3. or, try AV rescue cd to eliminate them from your pc (offline - e.g. AVG rescue disk - use other ‘clean’ pc to create it first.
  4. use online scanner (e.g. Virus Total - but this option only give u second opinion, not to eliminate the threat.
  5. the worst thing, :frowning: u must re-install your OS.

Scan your computer with RKiller and wait for it to finish terminating all known malware tasks. Note that this first step must be done each time you restart your computer before scanning with any of the other programs listed below.

Once this is complete scan your computer with Kaspersky TDSSKiller, Hitman Pro, and Malwarebytes Free. Remove anything they find.

Please let us know if the problems persists even after that as I do have more time consuming methods I can suggest.

Also, it’s a bad idea to post your email address in a public forum as spammers can harvest it and target you with spam. Please read my article about How to Avoid Spam. I’ve removed the email address for you. If you need to give it to anyone you can always send them a PM.