can i block specific sites with CPF??

can i block specific sites with CPF,say


Yes, that’s possible, even tho that’s not normally a firewalls job to do.
Let’s say you want to block access to
First of all, we need to find the IP-adress(es) for, which can be done from a site like OpenDNS CacheCheck.
Writing gives us the IP adress, so that’s what we’ll need for the rule.
Now go to the Network rules or the rules for Internet Explorer/Opera/Firefox and add this (at the top):
Action: Block
Protocol: IP
Direction: Out
Source: Any


I knew that you could block it from the IP but I didnt know how lol Sweet


Thank you 4 ur help…and great thanks to everyone at comodo for this wonderful product… one more doubt…my DSL connection is getting frequently disconnected…have the CPF settings got anything 2 do with this?? i mean,do i hav to allow some .exe’s??( i hav allowed svchost.exe)

There’s a way to do everything :wink:
Might just point out that an Out-rule just blocks connection to the IP, which means you can’t access it, while they’re still able to access your computer (now why would they do that lol).

I don’t think that’s a problem with CFP if you’ve allowed svchost.exe, but you could try and disable the firewall and see if you get disconnected.