Can I be trust with Kiosk!

hi guys

wanna test some dangerous .exe on my system so my question
can malware\trojans infections to Bypass comodo kiosk ?


Hi taurus19

The way I understand it - you can test malware, beta software that may (if not run in the Virtual Kiosk) cause system stability errors etc., can all be run within the Kiosk: without touching your actual system. Just remember to delete the sandbox content!

I think this has been tested by mods during V6 private BETA, and no problems were detected.

You should be safe. The best idea is to run malware in a VM.

I thought the best idea was not to run malware at all? ??? But yeah, I haven’t seen any reports about malware being able to escape the fully virtualized environment that VK uses, so if you have to run malwares then VK should keep you safe.

Personally I’d rather have a dedicated machine for testing malware but that cost money and take place etc…

thanks 4all

so what best Configure of Sandbox?
this my setting is ir good ?:

Yes dedicated test machine would be the best, for malware testing purposes…

The main problem with running malware in the FV sandbox is its ability to steal your files. Deleting the sandbox will remove the malware but the malware might still have time to steal files like music, word docs, emails, etc.

May I ask how you get to that screen showing Fully Virtualised, Partially Virtualised, etc? Right clicking my CIS tray icon and exploring in it does not show that list. I have just installed the premium edition of CIS (my first CIS install).

Also, I see on this forum a lot of reference to FV Sandbox. What does FV stand for please?

Hi Conroy,
Select ‘Advanced View’ first.

Also, I see on this forum a lot of reference to FV Sandbox. What does FV stand for please?
FV = Fully Virtualized.

Kind regards.

Thank you captainsticks.

So “Fully Virtualised Sandbox” is either sandbox opened by the widget or the sandbox opened or operating as Virtual Kiosk? Sorry about the simple questions.

Hi Conroy,
The setting in question is in regards to ‘Auto Sandboxing’ by the ‘Behaviour Blocker’, this is distinct from manually running sandboxed tasks.

Manually (Right click menu, Widget etc) starting a program sandboxed, runs fully virtualized.

The links below might help clarify the differences.
Auto-sandbox unknown applications as-Comodo Help
Sandbox Tasks – Introduction-Comodo Help
The Virtual Desktop-Comodo Help
Run an Application in the Sandbox-Comodo Help

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you. As a result it is becoming a little clearer now :slight_smile:

You are welcome. :slight_smile: