Can I apply cert for domain?

We are a Hong Kong based company and interested in applying a Comodo SSL service. We have the following questions:

Will Comodo SSL cert support domain?

In case the server that we deploy need re-installation can we re-submit the CSR and re-generate the CRT free of charge? If not, how much it cost for each CRT re-generation?

Thx for the assistance.


Provided this is a recognised domain name extention and we can perform a whois lookup on this domain name and it is owned and correctly registered to yourselves we should be able to issue this certificate to you ( provided you can pass the rest of the validation steps ) .

On the issue of reissuing the certificates Comodo has a full 30 day replacement and refund policy. We do understand that there are always unforeseen events that can occur and outside of this 30 day period providing that none of the details in the certificate are changing we will normally provide a replacement reissued certificate free of charge.