Can I add Comodo Antivirus by going to add/remove/change?

Or do I have to uninstall Comodo Internet Security and reinstall it with anti virus checked? ???

Go to start → comodo → CIS → add remove components → make sure both are checked.

Both are checked.

so is the av installed now?

No just the firewall and D+.

well then I would uninstall and reinstall.

Ok then. Can I back up my Firewall and D+ settings to reupload in the new one?

yes you can. Do you what version do you have now and what version are you going too?

4.1.15xxxx the latest one. I just want to add the antivirus. I’m going to uninstall MSE which is my main AV now.

Got Comodo Internet Security Premium. :slight_smile: Computer boots up a faster.