Can Geswall be used with Comodo Firewall 2011? [Answered]

Will Geswall interfere with Comodo Firewall’s HIPS/sandbox? Or should I leave those disabled and leave it as an outbound protection firewall? I’m thinking of trying this combo out but need some advice on if its OK.

Comodo is a two way firewall and you are not suppose to run two firewalls at the same time due to conflicts with each other. And in my opinion Comodo is the best two way firewall for free there is.

GeSWall is sort of a HIPS/Sandbox NOT a Network Firewall

In theory; You should either Disable Defense+/Sandbox of CFW or Should not use GeSWall and Just Use Comodo Firewall and Defense+/Sandbox

I’ll disable DF/Sandbox and have it JUST be an outbound firewall and have Geswall as well thanks. :-TU

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Comodo Firewall Is Outbound/Inbound, Not just outbound; although it can be configured to be such :slight_smile:

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