Can firewall hide my ip address and how

Zone Alarms offers this option. Does your program offer the same and how do I do it? :slight_smile:

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You can’t hide an IP address on the local computer. The only way to hide an IP address (and realize like hiding anything, it can be overcome with enough effort and resources) would be to use some sort of proxy service, be it a VPN like Relakks, an onion routing proxy like TOR, or a traditional proxy like… or one of the free proxies that pop up and disappear daily. A Firewall has no way to hide your IP.

ZoneAlarm may include a service where they proxy your traffic, but that’s the company with additional infrastructure, not the local software Firewall.

I paid for Zone Alarms for years and I can tell you with certainty that it does.

If anyone knows a way for COMODO to do the same please inform. I like this program better.

Perhaps rather than “hide my ip address” you are talking about “stealth” ports. When you connect to a web site part of the connection information is your IP address. That is how the web page you request is returned to you. In this sense you can’t hide your IP address.

Normally if an attempt is made made to connect to a port, if that port isn’t open a response is returned which indicates that the port is closed. This negative response is however a positive indication that there is a computer at that IP address. A firewall rule can be created which blocks incoming connection requests. With this rule in place, the same attempt to connect to a port will never reach the IP stack so no “port closed” response can be returned. To the computer making the connection request it is as if the computer (IP address) to which the request was made does not exist. This is sometimes referred to as “stealth” and is probably what Zone Alarm documentation is referring to when when it says it hides your IP address.

Take a look at the “Stealth Ports Wizard”.

Perfect Jim and thank you! (:CLP)