Can firewall block specific IP address outgoing via port 80

Can Comodo firewall block a specific IP address outgoing thru port 80. Said another way, I want to stop a specific IP address (my ISP IP address) from using port 80 outgoing.

I looked at Global rules but its too technical for me. Can someone please tell me exactly how to do this block.

Sure you can, so you mean you want to block any application on that port outgoing? Btw. Important: what firewall settings have you set?
Anyway I believe the best way is to … add both an “application and global rule” and also on both menus two rules no not miss any proxy:

  • For both application rules choose File-Group: All Applications (2nd entry)
  • Guilty for all 4 rules: "Blocked, choose protocol you want to block (if you want anything choose IP), Outgoing, leave any at source/remote address
  • For each of the 2 Rules in app.- as well as global rules have: 1 that has set source port as 80, remote port any / and 1 other way source port any, remote port 80
  • Finally make sure these 4 rules are set on top of the list in app/global rules.

Normally the global rule wouldn’t be necessary as the application rules are consulted first when it comes to outgoing connections, yet it may helps if you create new rules.
What’s important to know: Comodo Firewall applies the first rule that matches that packet type so you have to take care this rule is always on top. If you install a new application or a popup for an old one appears and your remember the action you choose, take a look into firewall rules and make sure these 2 app-rules are on top. If you are using a silent configuration you have to frequently check manually (that’s why i asked on firewall settings)

Thanks for the reply, but No - I only want to block one specific IP address from using Port 80 outgoing.

Does that change what needs to be done?

As it is outgoing only, Firewall/ Applications Rules/ you need to add a new rule/ Browse / File Groups/ All applications.

Then make you rule for IP and port you wish to be blocked, and make sure this rule is at the top of the list.

Please note if you add further rules please make sure to move that rule back to the top of the list.

You can make it logged if you wish to see what processes attempt to you use this IP/port.

When it comes to outgoing connections from your pc you don’t need any “specific IP”, you just have the one! Or are there other pcs connected directly to your pc (i don’t mean any router) that share their own wan-connection? If there is any weird network setup we need to know how it is configured. Or asking another way - should there be any possibility on your pc where connection via port 80 is allowed?

Further you didn’t wrote your “firewall settings” (just the menu named like that, you won’t give any privacy details by that.)

Actually you can have more then one IP on the local computer. There’s the loopback zone every1 has, an IP for each network card, VPN, virtual network, virtual machines, etc.

That’s true. It’s just that i asked twice on the specific network setup or now once on the possibility where port 80 should be allowed and yet didn#t get any answer. Further on they details we got till now i don’t expect the OP to be any user with knowledge in advanced networking.

To make an example: On the given rules it would possible to simply change “any source/remote address” to the actual IP address. The problem is: what if he uses any tool that uses local proxys (either internally or as check and pass through) - would cover some but not all cases. What if he has a dynamic ip? What if … (you can continue this nearly endless).