Can Defense+ logging be disabled on individual processes?

Windows XP Pro SP2 (x32)

Under Defense+ > Common Tasks > View Defense+ Events > More… I have a few applications that result in many, many log entries. For example, the program ProcessTamerTray.exe results in a huge number of Access Memory log entries.

Is there any way to disable logging on a per-process basis? I looked but did not see any way to do this.

See here and add it to Comodo Security Policy. Work for me with Set Point.

That is so counterintuitive it hurts. Is there really no other way? It should not be so difficult or convoluted.

Thank you for the reply and I am not saying it does not obtain desired result.

You don’t exactly want to turn off logging encase you ever need it. Logging is under miscellaneous. I was having the same logging issue with Set Point. I had 10 intrusions in my log that said Set Point accessing memory. Its actually a false positive so I had to tell Comodo to allow Set Point to access memory. Problem gone.

I see now. I don’t want to disable all logging, but I’d like to be able to disable logging for certain applications–either entirely or for certain events carried out by those applications. As I understand it, this is not possible with CFP 3.0.

The workaround is to allow problematic programs to do whatever they want. That way there is no blocking, hence no logging. I’m not a big fan of this workaround. I would prefer to keep CFP protected from all applications (even if I basically trust the applications that result in logging).

Thank you for the information.