Can Defense+ interfere with mouse operations?

Running v 3.5.57173.439 since 12/3/08

I suspect that this is far fetched, but…
Is it possible that Comodo Defense+ can be interfering with the operation of my PC mouse? I’m using a wireless mouse and it has, up until recently, working flawlessly. But over the last few weeks it has been a bit flaky from time to time. It seems that some clicks just get lost. And sometimes the cursor slows down a bit relative to the speed of the mouse. And sometimes it just hangs in one spot for a second or two.
I believe, but I’m not positive, that this started on the program update that happened on 12/2 or 12/3 (there were two back to back program updates on those dates). When these mouse issues popped up I changed the batteries even though the mouse had not indicated I needed to.



The answer is yes.
I am not an expert but this is what I did to fix a similar issue.
I have a logitech mouse btw.
I went to the Computer Security Policy in D+.
A list of applications shows up.
I went to my mouse application entry - in my case setpoint.exe and opened it up.
A little screen pops up called “Application System Activity Control”.
See where it says “Access Rights”?
Click it and a screen called “Process Rights” pops up.
Go to the “Interprocess Memory Accesses” and click modify.
Add the name of the program that isn’t behaving they way you think it should and see if that helps.

I have a Logitech wireless mouse too and I’d never installed any of the Logitech software because all I need to work is the left and right buttons and the scroll wheel. That’s all the stuff that the mouse has.
I went to the Logitech site and decided to install their software for the mouse I have (called setpoint) and it was a 60MB download. What? For a mouse??!!?? I decided to create a system restore point just in case. The install of the software drove Comodo D+ nuts (that is, it drove me nuts with all the alerts). But that was nothing compared to the alerts after the install was done. I couldn’t do anything without getting multiple alerts. And then I tried to use the scroll wheel. Comodo popped up with an alert and I had no cursor at all! The only way I could get out was to power down the machine (with the power switch). After starting up again I tried to use the huge Logitech software to configure the scroll wheel to scroll. No luck. On the first use of the scroll wheel Comodo got up tight and I lost the cursor again.

So, thankful that I had created a restore point I used it to get the machine working again.

Just as I thought … 60MB of download to work a mouse is silly and dangerous!!


You could have put D+ in Training Mode while using the mouse and it would have ‘learned’ what the mouse was doing.

I disabled Defense+ for a few days and discovered that the mouse behavior did not change. That is, it still misbehaves with D+ disabled. So, whatever is going on it doesn’t seem to be D+ related.

Hey Larry,

The conditions you describe (missing mouse clicks and intermittent responsiveness) can be indicators of 1) failing batteries, 2) hardware issue with wireless receiver or 3) the curse of the Great Pumpkin has descended upon you. There may be, and probably are, other causes, but batteries or intermittent hardware would be my guesses.

Ewen :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure it must be the Curse of the Great Pumpkin! (:KWL) I put new batteries in when it started acting up after some month of perfect operation. I suppose I could try a different USB port for the receiver. I’ve also forced the hardware to use a different frequency/channel without any improvement.

So, just to really spice things up, I have noticed that if I’m moving the mouse slowly that it will sometimes hang up right on the edge of some feature such as a button, or drop-down list, or movable divider, or whatever. And then I can slowly move the mouse over the same feature and it will hang up again. Sometimes for 4 or 5 times in a row. But a little way away from the feature it moves fine.

This made me think it might be an issue with Firefox but I have noticed mousing failures in other applications too.

I’ll try moving the receiver to a different USB port. But I think the Great Pumpkin is the most likely culprit!


Please note - the Logitech wireless mouse software bundle is the Great Pumpkins First Epistle to the Methodonians. Try completely uninstalling (including combing through the registry when the uninstall is finished) and step back into the light, my son.

Ewen :slight_smile:

In my Dec 14 post I said that I created a system restore point before installing the Logitech software. And then I did a system restore to get rid of it when it gave me fits. I didn’t want to install any of the Logitech software in the first place. It was just a desperate move to see if it would make the mouse behave better. I’m pretty sure that system restore will, among other things, restore the entire registry so any traces of the Logitech mouse software should be gone.


Just to throw another wrench in the mix … I just replaced my keyboard and mouse. The mouse clicks were erratic - double clicking and selection, sometimes worked, or not. … just acted GOOFY for lack of a better description. Tried batteries, settings, on and on. (windows xp sp3 / microsoft wireless laser 5000 mouse)

I read a post about setting in the computer security policy. I found the mouse (itype.exe) and gave it the status of windows system application.

The mouse TOOK OFF ! like letting a wild horse out of the corral … IT WORKS ! ! ! ! Even the test area in the set up program WORKS…

Thank you share666.

I use a wired Logitech gaming mouse. I elected instead of answering multiple alerts, setting ‘Logitech’ and ‘Logitech Inc.’ as Trusted Vendors (Logitech uses 2 signatures depending on software, and I have 4 Logitech devices and associated drivers/configuration software). This eliminated any further popups associated with these devices.
Now, everything loads and runs properly.