can D+ control 'clip zone'?

i want D+ watch ‘clip zone’. what can i set up ,let D+ control which process can get content from ‘clipzone’
or ,how do i protect my clip content?

thanks and never mind my bad english :slight_smile:

First question. What is clip zone? What content does it handle? Where is that content stored?

thanks for reply. What I mean is copy & paste the contents of those seen with the clipboard, some malicious software can screenshot and keylogger to clipboard,or capture content from clipboard 。and sometimes I would use the copy & paste to enter a password, so I hope it can protect this clipzone.

Comodo will monitor the keyboard and screen. So when a malware is running and it is trying to directly access keyboard or screen you would get alerted; assuming you didn’t set the malware as Trusted program of course.