Can CTM work with system encryption software?

I’m wondering if CTM can work with system encryption sofware for e.g. Symantec Endpoint Encryption (SEE), TrueCrypt or others? Both CTM and system encryption software will be loaded before system boot. If CTM is loaded after system encryption software, that suppose to be fine since CTM can access and restore the system files decrypted.
But, I tried to install CTM and SEE in a WInXP system, and CTM interface loaded first before SEE. In such a case, CTM suppose not be able to access the files which are still encrypted by SEE, then I stopped trying to restore from CTM to avoid system crash. So, can you advise if CTM can work with system encryption sofware?

You might look at this

Any update if CTM can work with any above mentioned system encryption software now?

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I’ve used portable (loaded after logon, not boot) Truecrypt in another partition non protected by CTM. It worked.
Although, not recommended. The installed version is not recommended either.