Can CTM work with iCore Virtual Accounts software?

Hi when I installed CTM it asked me to uninstall “Shadow Defender Virtulation” first, which I did. Can someone at Comodo tell me if its ok to install iCore Virtual Accounts with CTM?

I’m not used to iCore, but only a detail:

Please enable Fast User Switching before iCore Virtual Accounts installation.
CTM interface needs to be restarted when Fast User Switching is used.

Hi onlyme300:
I am so sorry for replying to you late.
CTM is compatible with “iCore Virtual Accounts”, but there may be some potential problems, we do not have a in-depth test. We strongly recommend not using CTM and “iCore Virtual Accounts” at same time.
After installed CTM, it seems that you no longer need “iCore”.

Best Regards!

Ok thanks for the info Flykite, I’ll keep CTM on my PC as I think its a great software.