Can CPF handle multiple rulesets for a notebook PC?

At home, my notebook is behind a wireless router (with its internal firewall). I have Comodo PF on the notebook, and all is secure.

When I travel with this notebook, I connect wirelessly at several different locations (some of them are public hotspots); and I also plug into a couple of wired ethernet networks. Problem: My base set of firewall rules don’t work properly at these other locations, and I know I am not secure ! If I do rule changes on the fly, I lose my homebase rules.

Does CPF have a method to maintain multiple rulesets - or are there any future plans to offer this capability for us notebook users who roam?


Why not try setting up a new zone, then making rules for those applications for that zone.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Next week I’ll be travelling with this notebook. I will try to set up each remote location as a “zone” and report my findings back in this forum.