Can CPF handle 2 adapters (NIC + modem)?

CPF recognizes my NIC perfectly. But I also still have a modem, as a backup when/if ADSL goes down. Can CPF handle this? And what about ‘rules’. The are all identified from my Zone being the NIC? Now what happens if I connect thru a modem? Rules no longer apply?
ALso, I did notice that if you ‘block all’ (slider) and use your modem as a fax to send/receive, the ‘block all’ really blocks non-NIC related traffic to the modem. How?? Do not understand logic behind it.

CPF does not make any difference between interfaces. NIC, MODEM or anything else. It will be active on all interfaces which use TCP/IP protocol. Ofcourse CPF will not filter the fax unless it is TCP/IP based :slight_smile: