Can copy but can't paste - is it Comodo?

I have noticed i cannot copy and paste in my vista 32 bit laptop with IE7 .Actually I can copy but not paste. I have checked it is allowed under IE Tools/options/security/custom level. Could it be Comodo v4?

Still with IE 7 because of


From which application to which application are you trying to copy/past?

Comodo Sandbox prevents applications that run in the sandbox to access the clipboard so if one of the two is running sandboxed that could be the reason.

In FireFox. I was trying to cut paste links and urls. I have the sandbox disabled but it was enabled earlierEDIT Sandbox is enabled again so that was it. How can i keep it turned off?

Are you saying that Firefox runs automatically sandboxed on your system?

If you get the sandbox alert you can select “More” and “don’t run this application sandboxed next time”.
That should prevent it from being sandboxed.

But as said Firefox should not be auto sandboxed.

If you wish to disable the Sandbox globally you can do so by setting it to disabled on the systray icon or via the GUI, Defense+, Sandbox, Sandbox Settings.

Thanks seems to be OK now.