Can Comodo V7 update to V8 automatecly?

I wouldn’t normally consider it a bug , but your blog clearly states: “Existing CIS 6.x and CIS 7.x users will receive automatic upgrades to CIS 8.0”
but when i press “Update” CIS does not find any new program updates. Is it a bug? or will the update be released in the near future? and if so, then when?

Comodo waits a while before pushing major versions to previous versions (like v6 to v7 and now v7 to v8 etc) so it will be available eventually, if you don’t want to wait you can download it from the release thread and then do the upgrade that way.

As it is now a longer wait than I expected, I now expect another CIS V8 series release before the update is offered.

Please note I could be wrong, just my personal thoughts :slight_smile:


I its worth it to get a stable build :slight_smile:

but how long do you think it will take? i want to the the new viruscope in action!