Can Comodo start before wireless network?


This is my first post, and I hope someone can help me. I’ve searched through the forum and others have had similar but not the same problem, and none of the solutions presented to them are applicable to my issue, as far as I know.

I’m having a problem with my wireless when my computer starts. Since I downloaded Comodo Firewall (I had this problem before I upgraded to version 3, but it persists), my computer will not connect to my wireless network when my computer starts. The wireless network utility icon appears in the taskbar and it says it is unable to connect to the wireless network. Even if I try to manually connect, I can’t do so until the Comodo application starts up, the taskbar icon loads, and the Comodo window opens. At that point, I can either manually reconnect to the wireless network, or I can wait a while and I think it usually does it automatically.

I believe that Comodo is in the startup registry (cfp is checked in msconfig), but it is loading way after everything else that it needs to load before, and it won’t let my wireless connect without it running.

I never had this sort of problem with PCcillin (what I used to have for a while) or any other virus program I’ve tried, so that’s why I’m asking in this forum for help. I’m not looking for a solution like downloading a program that delays starting an application, because that is not my problem. I’ve also heard that Comodo is running before the tray icon, etc., appear, but that doesn’t help the problem that my wireless won’t connect.

If anyone knows how to make Comodo launch when it should (i.e. first…) or how to let my wireless connect anyway, either/both would be helpful.

Thanks a lot,

What is your OS and other security software? Why do you want to have your wireless network connection up without a firewall? Good security software should suppress internet connections that are vulnerable until they are up and protecting them. My wireless connection automatically comes on soon after Comodo loads-I use open wireless access points, so don’t want them earlier. And Comodo is rather late to load, probably because of the way it does monitoring of existing safe programs. I use Avast! as an antivirus, and it also loads quite late and blocks things. If you are using XP you can change the order of programs in boot.ini but that may cause other interference problems with your program loading. If you download a copy of Process Explorer from Microsoft, you can look at the load orders and try adjusting as desired by editing boot.ini.

I’m on Windows XP pro, and I use Avast, too, but it doesn’t take particularly long to start up.

This is a problem because every app that uses internet–my email client, any messenger, google gadgets, etc–try and can’t access the internet, and often they don’t try again.

Obviously I don’t want to be on the internet without the firewall, but I’ve read that the firewall is still on before the tray icon, etc., load. Also, that’s why I’d obviously prefer Comodo loading first.

Is modifying the boot.ini worth a try (assuming i back it up)?
Any other ideas?

Haven’t tried the boot.ini myself-I am using Vista, which no longer uses the boot.ini. Most of my internet apps just try again (popmail for mail checking, …) but I don’t use messenger or google gadgets. Some of the other apps I use (like WeatherPulse) allow you to select a delay before they check the internet. Surprised they don’t just try again. Which are they? Maybe someone familiar with the particular applications will chime in. But Avast! and both parts of Comodo definitely start way downstream near the end of the boot sequence according to Process Explorer.

you could try StartRight JoeJoe's freeware utilities - StartRight

i downloaded it and there is no install for it, you just run it in the permanent folder you copy it too,

i started to have probs with my systemtray icons in winxp not loading but they were loaded and running in the taskbar manager, so i tried that program and it sorted out that problem for me , and i also then moved cfp up in the list a bit of the order of what starts up and i noticed that the firewall icon appears quicker in the system tray icon now instead of taking long to appear.

there is no help file or instructions with that program, but it isn’t too complicated to figure out and use



Thanks Ron, I think that program helped solve most of the problem. I put Comodo and Avast early in the launch sequence, and now the wireless will connect on its first or second try. I also put any web-dependent apps at the end, so by the time they try to connect, everything else is good to go.

Your Welcome :slight_smile:

glad it was of help.

If you need any advice about that program, feel free to post and ask, I’ve only had it since a couple of days, but I’ve figured out a couple of things with it :slight_smile:


To Ron_75: thank’s for the tip. StartRight is great! Did a wonderful job for me.

To All/Sded/Moderators:

I think that some users are questioning about protection BEFORE the program/icon are loaded in systray…

Let me be clear: As is in D+, there’s a box for “Block all the unknown requests if application is closed” wich is GREAT, but it is NOT clear to the users if this is extended to the firewall side… There’s nothing in the firewall settings to be set to block all connections before the app (CFP) is running… (low-level)

I think that this is VERY important… At least, to be clear to the public how CFP works. As it is right now, it’s not. You have to read many, many forums posts to “guess” how CFP is working.

In others words, wich is a resume of all these questions: Is CFP blocking all those Microsoft unattended connections (and maybe others too) when you start-up your system, before you log-in with your username? (THIS IS JUST A POOR EXAMPLE)

This question seem to be NOT clear to the users… and to me too.

Can someone help, to tell us wich connections are allowed on boot/log-in process? Is there a way to control these low-level connections?

CFP, is great and I couldn’t find anything that bypass it, but I can’t say this when CFP is not completed loaded yet… CFP install a driver wich controls/allow the NIC driver?

I think that this is the resume of the first question.


edit: mispell & clarifying.

I use Startup Delayer to control my startup programs for a long time now without any problems.
Maybe you wanna try it, too.

CFP V3 loads drivers at the kernel level, before you log in and long before you even see the desktop. While there is no means of modifying the firewalls behaviour at this point (prior to login and the appearance of the GUI) the rules, policies and settings are enforced.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Your welcome :slight_smile:

umm not really a question about that, but CFP 3 gets a bit touchy, if i click diagnostics it says there is a problem with the installation of CFP click to correct it then it does, its not really a problem, just a nuiscane, StartRight takes over the loading and startup of programs from windows, that includes taking control of starting up CFP instead of windows, CFP gets unticked to start automatically when windows loads in CFP settings box, which is fine, but eachtime its unticked and i click diagnostics in CFP it reports it is not working properly to fix it click yes the only thing it does is retick that start with windows box, which doesn’t do anything but makes CFP feels better lol. Now if I hadn’t of figured that out then it would have been a serious problem

I guess there is no fix for that, perhaps the developers can recode CFP a bit instead of it being confused and thinking there is a problem when there is none

Thanks for those replies.

: No more doubts. Your answer was very clear. Thank you! (:KWL)

@Ron_75: It’s reasonable that CFP don’t like the modifications made by SR. I think that there is NO problem with this behavior, as SR is modifying ALL “start-up / HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run” settings, “taking the control” of them.
I think that there’s nothing strange/wrong here.




Hi AeoniAn, A Happy New Year to you too :■■■■

and yeah that behaviour was just I guess an irritation a bit, to click on something and instead of seeing nothing is wrong, i would see something is wrong so at first I had no clue what was wrong, but once I figured out what it meant and that there was nothing broken or misconfigured then I began not minding, now I don’t mind at all :slight_smile:

Eralier tonight I repartitioned my drives (shrunk C, increased D and moved My Documents to D). Upon rebooting all that was in my systray was CFP and time. Everything was running but no AV, Wifi, BOC icons etc. I tried numerous fixes to no avail when I noticed that Mediaagent.exe was outgoing in CFP. It was also using quite a bit of RAM in the task manager. I Googled it and found it was part of NBC Media Direct which I had uninstalled earlier in the day. I found and deleted the “Open Case media” folder that was left over and rebooted and got my icon back.

Anyway, I just downloaded StartRight. Which process starts 1st, top or bottom? On my edit list, BOC is on the botton, followed by CFP, touch pad controls, NOD and the others.

hi Hikertrash,

it loads each process in the order of top to bottom, some processes that loads quicker will still load before CFP 3 in the systemtray even though CFP 3 is above them in the process start order.
but what Startright should do is load up CFP quicker in the systemtray and not be the last one that gets loaded, also every reboot every icon in the systemtray should get loaded unlike with windows where if a problem ever occurs it fails to load every icon in the systemtray

you can right click any process in StartRight and change its priority, i’ve not tried that myself, by default every process is set to normal priority. i’m guessing that means loadtime.

have a happy new year dude :■■■■

P.S tops loads 1st, so its best to move CFP 3 to the top of the list, I have cfp 3 as the first one in the top

Thanks Ron, I changed the order, we’ll see how that goes. HNY to you too! :■■■■

Well, the new order didn’t work so well, boot up times were longer. I clicked restore, rebooted and StartRight loaded on boot again. Problem was the BOClean icon never loaded in systray or possibly start ( I forgot to look in task mgr).

Deleted the files, rebooted, no BOC unless I click in the start menu. Uninstalled BOC, reinstalled BOC, everything OK again.

I suppose if things worked like they should on every machine there wouldn’t be a need for these forums