Can Comodo Send me an uninstall tool? [Resolved]

I uninstalled Comodo Boclean, but Bocre.exe still remains listed in my services according to Winpatrol. So I disabled it. But how do I get it removed from my services list?

Would an uninstall tool from Comodo do the trick?

EDIT: Reinstalling and uninstalling a second time did the trick. On the first uninstall, I had forgotten to shut down the program first.

Probably not a bad idea to create a restore point before doing this.

Prior to uninstalling you must shut BOClean down in order to stop the service so it may uninstall correctly. You can do this using the “Shut down BOClean” button on the user interface located in your task tray (alt click on the icon).
You may want to reinstall and then re-uninstall following the above instructions.