can comodo scan .iso files??

will comodo scan .iso files. If not,
Can it be done??

the only way I know; Is it to take a program like “magiciso” drag a copy of all the folders and files INSIDE THE .ISO FILE and then drag it to the desktop
and THEN scan from there.

I never heard of an anti-virus program that can do .iso files

what do you guys think of this :THNK Just an idea

I can’t see any reason why not. An iso is just like an archive.

Yes it can scan ISO’s, It scans everything on your Hard Drive on-access, on-demand it has the 20MB limit, But off course you can increase that depending on your ISO size.


ISO files are CD/DVD images and can be up to 4.7 GB or so. What can CAVS really do with them? Seems like a good idea, like scanning an Acronis .tib file on a hard drive, but ? without unpacking.

It will be hell slow.

can CAVS even scan files over 999mb? that’s the input limit in scanner settings.

999MB limit yeah…


Since you guys said comodo anti-virus can scan .iso files, then I’m PROUD to announce that “avira” OR “avg” CAN’T do .iso files. The only other company that can do it is avast.

I give you guys the 5 simley star rating
(:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:HUG) <----I wonder how that extra smiley star got there

but doesn’t that mean the .iso file has to be under 999mb, when they’re usually larger?

I think we need a developer who really knows more about the innards of the product-I sure don’t have an answer.

a few people have requested to increase the 999mb limit, i hope they do. :wink:


There is a reason for everything, Like the 999MB limit - But I have no reason lol. Wait for a developer…


.FaZio93. writes a few people have requested to increase the 999mb limit, i hope they do.

.FaZio93 <—If you read your post history, you wrote this in your post several times(In various words). I think they got message. Whether they can and choose to do it is another story. BUT, KEEP ASKING FOR IT WON’T HELP <-----------(By writing the same thing over and over again will eventully be called (Borderline spamming)

Basicly what I’m trying to say is "they get the message(hint)

I think I understand Melih’s points… Thanks for the posts FaZio

Your Welcome.

Although it would be nice, I understand his point too.

My apologies for digging up an extremely old thread, however this was the top google link for “can comodo scan iso”

Anyways, I set my scan to like 5000 mb (for manual scan). Basically I scanned a 500mb .daa (same as .iso pretty much) file. It only said it scanned 3 objects.
So, considering this not sufficient, I extracted all files using poweriso and was able to successfully scan all the files =)
Also: the files were probably already being real-time scanned as they were being placed in the target folder (I have real time protection on, and set to scan somewhat large files)