can comodo put this AV's virus list into CAVS virus database?

hi (:WAV)

i’ve attached a local indonesian AV software called MAWAR AV (thx again to aladinonl). on the option button there are the viruses name and the MD5 codes (like i know what MD5 is ;D ). so, can COMODO take the MAV database and put them into CAVS database?

and, anyone wanna try it? it doesn’t have any update available (coz the server doesn’t exist yet ;D ) so the author made an option to mark a file as a virus and put the marked file into virus database. pretty effective, since most of indonesian viruses didn’t really “infect & damage” another files (usually they just hide the real files, and copycat itself).


edit : is it allowed to share a freeware like this? ;D hope the MAV maker won’t get mad at me.

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