Can COMODO Internet Security scan and remove Win32/Virut


why is the virus database is not available for the public viewing…

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The latest updates to COMODO’s database can be viewed here.

It’s impossible to tell what COMODO AV can detect and what it can’t. Thousands of variants are being created every day and thousands of signatures are being added to the database each day. And no AV can detect all variants. Maybe most, but most likely not all.

Like many viruses, there are many variants of Virut. Can COMODO detect some? Sure. These were added today in database version 1090:

Virus.Win32.Virut.Gen, Virus.Win32.Virut.~EHA

The “Gen” in the first signature means it is “generic”, that one signature can detect multiple variants. The second is another type of variant of Virut.


How come the website no search tools…

Perhaps you could add this into the wishlist. Alot of variants of the Virut exist - can Comodo detect all of them? Who knows. No AV has 100% detection rate and probably never will. Defense+ however will protect you from everything (currently there is no known malware to bypass D+).

As for the removeval of Virut. Probably not - I am not aware of any AV that can remove the virut infection.

I’m guessing you mean the ability to search for a specific virus?
It’s a very basic virus database info page. I’m sure its features will be expanded in the future.

Here’s a tip though, if you want to find a specific signature, open up all the drop down menus, and open your browser’s search function (Ctrl + F). You can search for the name of the malware that way.

You are right Kyle. The problem with Virut is that it is a very buggy file infector. For more information :

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That’s why prevention is better than cure (Y) :slight_smile: