Can Comodo help me with identifying my own IP address?

Can Comodo help me with identifying my own IP address? And if yes then would you be kind to tell me how that is done? 88)???

You don’t need Comodo to do that.

Click the Start button. Select Run and type cmd and click OK or press Enter. At the prompt, type ipconfig /all and press Enter. Look for where it says IP Address.

Or, you can go to What Is My IP Address.

thank you. Can you tell me though that it cannot do that. For I was looking for something which you can hover your mouse over and an address will show up. My previous Russian software did that. I’ m in no way critical of Comodo software though. It’s great all in all.

I don’t quite understand what you mean. Can you describe a bit more?

No, there is nothing in Comodo you can mouseover to show your IP address.

What web browser do you use? I know there are extensions for Firefox and Chrome that will show your IP, likely there are for IE and Opera.

Or, there are always standalone applications like Show My IP Software 1.18 Free. I’m sure there are others. (I’ve never used that application, I just did a quick search and that popped up)


Thank You Sir, You answered all my questions.