Can Comodo handle this one?

This is apparently something we will see in Las Vegas in August.

a System Management Mode (SMM) rootkit, the software runs in a
protected part of a computer’s memory that can be locked and rendered
invisible to the operating system, but which can give attackers a
picture of what’s happening in a computer’s memory.

The SMM rootkit comes with keylogging and communications software and
could be used to steal sensitive information from a victim’s computer.
It was built by Shawn Embleton and Sherri Sparks, who run an Oviedo,
Florida, security company called Clear Hat Consulting.

Well can any firewall handle it. Dont just pointing out Comodo.

CFP v3 detects rootkit installation and asks the user.
most likely it will detect it… havent’ tested it though…


I don’t see this currently as a great threat and as Melih said CFP would would detect the rootkit installation. Once installed even many older rootkits are capable of evading detection.

Being divorced from the operating system makes the SMM rootkit stealthy, but it also means that [b]hackers have to write this driver code expressly for the system they are attacking[/b].

“I don’t see it as a widespread threat, because it’s very hardware-dependent,” Sparks said. “You would see this in a targeted attack.”

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What is this world coming to? :THNK

It seems hardware manufacturers (motherboard and bios makers) should take some responsibility to securing its product and patch “holes” in those kind of issues.
Am I babbling here or that could be indeed part of solution?