Can Comodo Firewall Upgrade Seemlessly to Internet Security?

Hi, is it possible to upgrade Comodo Firewall to Comodo Internet Security without uninstalling the firewall?

Also, how good are CIS’s anti-virus features at prevention, detection, and removal of viruses? Are the results comparable to other free anti-virus products?


No “official” tests yet. There have been several tests done by forum users comparing CIS to Avira, AVAST, AVG… and Comodo is performing well against all three. Hopefully one of the 3rd party testing sites will include Comodo in one of it’s up coming tests so we can have solid unbiased proof (not saying the forum users are biased, but I’m sure users of the other products might think they are).

What version of Comodo Firewall are you running? The latest version, although I’ve not tested it myself, should upgrade without much hassle. You could backup the settings before you attempt to do anything so you can import them into CIS after the install (assuming something goes wrong). Maybe someone who has done the upgrade might be able to answer that question better than I could.

Yes, you can easily add additional features to your installation. Just go to add/remove programs and select CIS. Click the change/remove button. This will pop up the installation wizard. Select the add radio button and select whichever feature you wish to add.

You can also easily remove modules this way.

As for how good the AV is, that is the big question as it is still fairly young. Personally, I’m using it as my full time AV, but I do still use Avira and Avast for on demand scans in case CIS misses something. So far I haven’t had any problems.