Can Comodo Firewall Pro be run without the Comodo AV?

Is it possible to run Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 solely as a FW, without using the AV? Or is there an earlier version which is FW only, and which will run on XP Pro (SP 2 & 3)? (I currently use Avast AV, and would like to go on using that.)

Also, is it now possible to uninstall Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 easily? There seem to be some horror stories out there…

Thank you very much.

Able to use just the firewall with the options at install. Install everything but jus configure the firewall. Never able to uninstall completely because of miniports? and other that registry won’t let remove. None of the thread helped, but they don’t seem to harm.

The AV in Comodo is only an on demand scanner. Sure your not refereeing to D+ which is the HIPS part of Comodo? Also I have never had any issues uninstalling Comodo and I have done this atealst 20 times. I simply use Revo Uninstaller on all my software.

Slight correction - the AV component in the release version of CIS incorprates real time scanning and scheduled scanning as well as on demand scanning.

Ewen :slight_smile:

The poster is talking about Comodo Firewall NOT CIS. So I do not understand your point in correcting me.

Indeed. I think that the AV incorporated in CIS is more like an enhanced version of the malware scanner we can see in CFP v3.0, wouldn’t you agree? I mean, the malware scanner in CFP uses CAV3 definitions, right?

Thank you all. I guess by “AV” I do mean the Defense Plus Hosts Intrusion Prevention System, which is part of CFP 3.0. I assume you wouldn’t want to run that simultaneously with another AV program running in the background? From this thread, my understanding now is that it is possible to set up CFP so that D+ is not running,

One more question – how well does CFP work across users in XP/ XP Pro? (I have XP Pro.) Currently, I’ve been using Sygate, and one reason I am looking for a replacement is that it will only show the interface to one user at a time (tho it protects all users). (The other problem I have had with it is that it takes forever to load – and lately sometimes does not load at all until I manually start it.)

Thanks again.

I guess your confused at what D+ is. D+ is a HIPS program. Not an antivirus. Host Intrusion Protection. Easily explainable by simply reading the product info page.

Defense+ Host Intrusion Prevention System

With Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0, we added another critical layer of protection to an already excellent firewall. Defense+ is one of the most advanced Host Intrusion Prevention Systems available in any desktop security program.

* Bulletproof protection against root-kits, inter-process memory injections, key-loggers and more
* Authenticates the integrity of every program before allowing it to load into your computer's memory.
* Alerts you every time an unknown or untrusted applications attempts to run or install
* Blocks Viruses, Trojans and Spyware before they can ever get onto your system
* Prevents unauthorized modification of critical operating system files and registry entries

Thanks, Vettetech. I am not terribly savvy about this stuff, and when the description of CPF said “blocks viruses”, I figured it was an AV. I guess I already have HIPS programs running – WinPatrol and Windows Defender. (Also, teatimer, but I don’t think it is working right – maybe too many such programs running at once?)

So now I am getting the picture (from this thread, and others) that I can actually install either CPF or CIS and opt not to run the AV portion. But it will be okay, I guess to run the D+ HIPS portion, even with Avast AV and WinPatrol and Windows Defender?

Also, can anyone answer my other question about whether CPF (or CIS) works well across users in XP?


You can download & install full CIS here. The point meaning CFP 3 blocks viruses, it PREVENTS them using a HIPS (Defense+). Windows Defender relies on detection, it’s not a HIPS.

CIS works fine on both XP & Vista. It’s completely free featured security suite, with Antivirus but ONLY use one, So uninstall you existing AV to use full CIS. Off course, you can opt out the AV during CIS install and keep your Avast!


Thanks for answering my question, Josh. Vettetech, thanks for the link; I’ll read up.