can comodo firewall be the reason behind my slow PC?

i had comodo firewall and avast AV for 2 yrs already. everything was fine until last few days ago where i reformatted my PC due to corrupted OS files. after that, i installed comodo again. but this time my PC got slower for around 40% of its usual speed. i got amd x2, 8400GS, and 2gb RAM but its feels like i have only 1gb because of the constant delays.
there are some times when i click on a folder to open its subfolders, but it will take for a couple of seconds before it opens. and there are cases where i get BSOD. i was thinking if comodo does all those blocking ports thing, can it affect my PC speed? it already blocked so many “system”. i am thinking of putting system on list of trusted application but i might get virus or smthng

You can attach minidumps (they are located in the C:/Windows/Minidump folder) to your post, so we can see what causes BSODs. Maybe you have bad sectors on the disk or something.

After your reinstall did you disable windows firewall? Once you had Comodo firewall running.

yes i already disabled it. is it really normal for comodo to block those many “system” connections? its not advisable to put it on exclusion list?

hmm i dont have any minidump folder on windir

Can you see if there are a lot of memory access attempts from Avast to cmdagent in View Defense + Events. It has been noticed that these memory access attempts are the cpu usage of cmdagent.exe go up significantly. Try adding the CIS installation folders to the Avast exclusions.