Can Comodo cause intermittant internet connection or email problems?

I am having issues with emails getting “hung up” in the outbox of Outlook Express. At first, I thought that my ISP my be limiting port 25 connections. So I now send emails through a relay service. My provider is a company named DYN DNS. I set them up in Outlook Express as my outbound server. I also changed my email port to 2525. This gets the email to them, then they send it for me.

But I am still periodically experiencing the email problem of mesages getting stuck in my outbox for 8-40 seconds. As this only happens sometimes, I was wondering if it might have something to do with Comodo. It’s almost as if my internet connection is sometimes intermittant. Or that Outlook is being refused a connection.

Any ideas?

I get this sometimes as it’s the ISPs doing and then it goes away. However it may be your settings. Did you try 25 for smtp and 110 for outgoing? Probably as you stated 25. I would set it back and leave outgoing or change to 110 and work from there. I have had an issue with my server settings getting changed in the main first page property window. Go to tools , accounts, and properties, what does it say for your server, is it the same?


Yes, the properties for my account don’t get changed unless I change them. That’s good. But the problem persists (at least sporadically). You see, I send a lot of email because I run a home based business. Spammers have made it almost impossible to run a home based business now because all the major ISP’s are starting to block port 25.

So I can’t figure out if the problem is with Comcast, my system, or my relay service. As the problem existed before I went to the relay service, I think it’s either comcast or my system. But it’s tough to diagnose for someone like me that doens’t know a whiole lot about email.

I would suggest doing this. Backup all your email, use OEbackup if need be, it’s free and will back everything, settings, emails , all. I would delete the account and re-set it up to see if it resolves the issue. You can always restore it using OEbackup. Do you use Outlook or Outlook express, this makes a world of difference too. Should have asked that before as many refer to it as Outlook no matter what. I have run into issues with Outlook where I had to do a sys restore do to slow downs etc…and nothing would fix it. It could be the service is having trouble though like said and an option of contacting them may be in order. They can test it free and tell you if it’s your pc or their connection. If you don’t want to do the above right away, set up another account, a dummy account>name it Aowl< :smiley: <kidding and see how that one works. This will also show you if it’s your current or not.


I like the dummy account idea.

will probably try that this evening.


NP. We’ll figure it out. It’s just so much easier doing this on my pc than explaining on here, lol. So if you don’t understand my rantings, just let me know.