Can Comodo block a cell phone?

Comodo 5.3 / Vista Home Premium / Motorola Atrix
I have searched here but can’t find the answer.
From the VERY little I know about firewalls, a firewall on my PC should not block cell phone access to a home wifi, but be patient while I ask.
PC connected to router by cable / phone connects wirelessly.
My phone seems to be unable to connect to my wifi except on 3 different conditions.

  1. 1st thing in the morning after PC boot up - but even then, the phone must be within 5’ of the router,
  2. Inconsistently when I turn off/on wifi on my phone,
  3. recently I’ve noticed if I disable comodo firewall and turn it back on, my phone connects to wifi. Now, this one I’ve only tried twice and I know ‘twice’ does not equal statistical proof, but it has made me curious.
    Can Comodo affect (notice I didn’t say ‘impact’) my cell phone’s connection to wifi?

Can you try a a few times more to get better statistical data?

I tend to think the Firewall on the PC will not influence other devices. But since you ask.

The only two settings I can think that of might influence the network would be ARP cache protection and Block fragmented IP datagrams. They can be found under Avanced Settings: see if enabling/disabling them makes a difference.

Also try disabling This computer is an Internet connection gateway (i.e. an ICS server).

Let us know if the above are of influence. When nothing changes can post a screenshot of the firewall logs (View Firewall Events) of around the time you are connecting your phone to the local wifi?