Can Comodo be a "Smart Firewall"

I’ve try other security suite program like Norton and Panda And I’ve seen that this two product have “Smart Firewall”.

I didn’t know about this until I use them.

For my opinion “Smart Firewall” of them meant, The Firewall let program freely connected and they aren’t display any popup until program change or there was a same file name with different.

However Comodo is good protection but It isn’t quite for beginner because it’s got a lot of popup (except in Training mode).

Can Comodo improve the suite for easier use for all users ?

When v4 comes out it will have less popups for the user, and be even more Novice friendly, if you search the forum. You will find a few posts with a bit of insight as to what v4 will have to offer and a vague idea of how it will work.

If you set the firewall to “safe mode” (most) outbound traffic for white-listed programs will be auto allowed, while inbound will in most cases still result in a alert…

None white listed stuff will create an alert for “everything”… Both in and outgoing traffic… But who wouldn’t want that?

Totally smart… And it should be somewhat quiet as long as you don’t experience an attack or uses a lot of weird applications…

O0 :-TU

Safe Mode is the Smart Mode from Firewall. More smater than that, only with the introduction of Allow Most and Block Most, used in Outpost Firewall.